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Big Waves - 200 Fresh Waveforms

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This is a set of fresh waveforms for hardware and software synthesizers.

Each Big Wave consists of two files:

  1. Preview: single note with short attack and long release (WAV file, 3s long).
  2. Single Cycle Waveform: short audio that can be used as an oscillator shape in supported synthesizers. (WAV file, 650 samples).

They're grouped into four categories:

  • 50 Suspicious Waves (complex, weird, lots of overtones, some wavefolding)
  • 50 Pure Waves (mostly amplitude modulaltion)
  • 50 Fluctuating Waves (mostly frequency modulation)
  • 50 Icy Waves (harsh, discontinuous, broken sines)

I made these while I was working on v2 version of waveform generator. I used an unreleased development version so you'll still hear a lot of unique sounds.


  • PLEASE DO: use these waveforms to create original compositions, both non-commercial or commercial.
  • DO NOT: redistribute these waveforms on their own or as part of other packs or wavetables, either free or paid.
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Big Waves - 200 Fresh Waveforms

0 ratings
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